Transportation Funding Crisis - Port Authority of Allegheny County

On December 13, 2010 the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission approved a proposal to provide Port Authority with $45 million identified by Gov. Ed Rendell to help offset the statewide transportation funding shortfall and a nearly $50 million deficit in the Authority's operating budget.

The $45 million identified by Gov. Rendell has allowed Port Authority to scale back the 35-percent service cut originally slated for March 2011. On January 12,2011 the Authority's Board of Directors voted to enact a 15-percent service reduction, scheduled to go into effect March 27 (click here to open March 27, 2011 Service Cuts table) as a means of stretching the funds over 18 months. Unless something drastic and unexpected arises, we believe these reductions will be the only ones we are forced to make between now and June 2012.

The Board recognizes that these reductions are not ideal and will undoubtedly have an impact on the community, and it is our intent that these service actions are only a temporary response to the ongoing transportation funding shortfall.

Port Authority intends to continue the conversation with the new state government about long-term transportation funding solutions.

For more information on funding for the Port Authority (click here to open Funding FAQs outline).