San Fransisco launches driverless bus service following robo-taxi expansion

San Fransisco has launched an autonomous shuttle service—less than a week after California regulators approved the expansion of robotaxis despite traffic and safety concerns. The free shuttle will run daily in a fixed route called the Loop around Treasure Island, the site of a former U.S. Navy base in the middle of San Fransisco Bay. The Loop makes seven stops, connecting residential neighborhoods with stores and community centers. About 2,000 people live on the island.

The all-electric vehicle doesn't have a driver's seat or steering wheel, but is staffed by an attendant who can drive the bus with a handheld controller if necessary. The county is offering the shuttle service as part of a grant-funded pilot program to assess how autonomous vehicles can supplement the public transit system.

"Having the attendant on board makes everyone feel comfortable," said Tilly Chang, executive director of the San Fransisco County Transportation Authority. "This is just a demonstration for now to see, what does it look like and how does it work to have a driverless shuttle in a low-volume, low-speed environment?"

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Source: U.S. News