Transportation News Update: October 3, 2022

In this issue of our #TNU, we're summarizing articles covering topics including:

  • The updated Multimodal Resource Map from OTMA helping commuters identify the location of transit stops, micromobility hubs, bike share stations and storage racks, parking lots, and public garages in Oakland
  • Mapping reported hazards for cyclists in Pittsburgh
  • The correlation between walkable communities and easy access to public transit as a key for reducing carbon emissions by reducing our reliance on cars
  • Ongoing travel impacts of the University of Pittsburgh's new wellness center on O'Hara Street as construction officially begins
  • The Hill District's receipt of federal funding for improved sidewalk infrastructure and more
  • More than 100 cities turning to microtransit on-demand ridesharing services to fill gaps in public transit network
  • PA Turnpike jumping into solar production and planning for electric vehicle charging on roadways and in parking lots
  • Ridesharing solution in Charlotte, NC for women only
  • Pennsylvanians still uncomfortable with driverless vehicle technology as the state gets closer to allowing autonomous vehicles operate on public roads without a backup driver on standby in case of emergency
  • The impact that "returning to a commute" is having on employees as employers consider plans for returning to worksites nationwide
  • And more...