The Oakland 2025 Master Plan is the broad-based community plan that will guide Oakland in making positive and lasting changes. Oakland 2025 is the culmination of a year-long community engagement process that included public design workshops, neighborhood dialogue sessions, community "walk-shops," and stakeholder interviews.

The strategies fit into five distinct yet interrelated areas:

Housing: Provide innovative, sustainable housing choices for diverse new generations of residents who choose to live where they work. Do this through rehab, conservation & innovative new housing choices and financing incentives.

Transportation: Develop a multimodal transportation network that incorporates “complete streets” principles (accessibility and safety for pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles and transit) and connects all parts of the neighborhood.

Business and Development: Maintain local, unique and diverse businesses that grow from Oakland’s innovation economy and support the neighborhood health.

Open Space and Art: Weave green infrastructure (trails, parks and hillsides) and public art into all economic development initiatives.

Community Building: Reinforce neighborhood identity and increase social capital through community consensus, social networks, stewardship, gathering places, and increased connectivity.

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